Well, my first game review.  To be honest, I always toyed with the idea of doing one, but never really thought that I could do one well, or maybe I was just not passionate enough about any of the recent games that I have played.  I honestly picked this game to review because I got the chance to sit down and put a couple hours worth of time into playing the demo with my son and had a good time doing it.  So here we go…

First a brief description from the games developer:

Retimed is a local multiplayer arena shooter for 2-4 players. When a player is in danger, time slows down and a time bubble is created around the player. Now there is enough time to react and try to dodge the deadly projectiles. These time bubbles generate exciting alternations between fast-paced movement and tension-filled slow motion moments.

I picked up the demo for this one because of the games artistic style (Which is amazing) and the game looked simple enough for my 5 year old son to play along with me.  We tend to get pretty competitive, and really enjoy the fact that the Switch seems to be making a serious effort to bring split screen and couch co-op games back.  Retimed plays to the strength of the Switch and allows for up to 4 players to jump into the action and have some fun shooting at each-other.


The demo has two levels open to play, and three available characters to use.  There is quite a bit more available once you have purchased the game of course, but overall this is a very generous demo that gives you a good taste of what the game has to offer.  Once purchased the game has 6 arenas for play.  From what I could see in my experience, depending on the available surfaces there are lots of opportunities to jump around freely using combinations of walls and double jumps.  You can also use the surfaces to ricochet your shots and take out your foes.


One of the cooler features of the game is the slow motion bubble that appears when a shot nears another player and could put them at risk.  Even when the bullet is coming straight at a player, they can always jump, duck, slide under, and even shoot at the incoming shot.  It really does seem to balance out the game well allowing players that might not be as skilled at shooters to save themselves or turn the table on the opposing player with ease.

I have to add too, that as a parent I was not at all afraid to let my son jump in and play this game along side me.  The “deaths” of the characters on screen are pretty low key, and tend to show them just fall apart without showing any excessive blood or gore to get the point across.  Which for me makes this game just that much more inclusive to all manner of players casual and hardcore alike.  My son even managed to get his Mom to play with him.  She’s not a gamer by any means and was able to pick up a joy con and get right into the action.


Overall I would highly recommend that you pick up this title.  It was a lot of fun, appears to be a really good value and hopefully the developer has more in store for the game and will continue to support it well into the future as its community grows.  I hope to be able to provide an update to you all in the future about all that this title has to offer, and what the team has in mind for the future of Retimed.

Facts about the game:

Team Maniax
Based in Zurich, Switzerland

Release date:
September 20th 2018

Nintendo Switch
PC/Mac (2019)


Regular Price:

USD $14.99
EUR €13.80
CHF 14.90


*Update*  10:21AM  02/18/2019

Team Maniax has responded back to my request for more information.  I will be providing an updated review for you soon!